What we doNZ Forest Sales offer all Buyers...

Buyers Agents

For those looking to become long term players in the forest industry and work towards establishing an estate within NZ, we offer a customised service.

Buyers Strategy

At New Zealand Forest Sales we are experienced in dealing with parties ranging from new entrants looking to establish export volume to those who are looking to change their forest profile.


Those who become members will be informed of new developments prior to being released to the open market

Other Offering

As leaders in the forest sales, we pride ourselves in having up to date knowledge around all aspects of the industry.

What we doNZ Forest Sales offer all Sellers...

Forest Valuations

With our extensive knowledge in both forest sales and operations, we are well placed to provide accurate appraisals on forests ranging from small woodlots through to large forest estates.

Marketing Strategy

We at New Zealand Forest Sales believe that one size does NOT fit all when it comes to the strategy around the marketing of forest assets.

Methods of Sale

We are well versed in all sale methods used in the New Zealand marketplace. To understand the process whether it be One Stage Tender, Two Stage Tender, Auction, Negotiation, EOI including others, then give us a call.

Public Relations

Our PR Team is second to none. Wanting to get a clear message with cut through in todays market, our team will not disappoint.

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